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Our activities to date have helped to create a number of supply chain tools to provide further understanding and context on biodiversity management and conservation issues.

The Biodiversity Risk and Opportunity Assessment (BROA) tool has moved to a new website.

The BROA tool is now available from Opens new window

Locations around the globe where the BROA tool has been used are now captured in the "2degrees collaboration map." You can explore the map and find where BROA has been used - Opens new window.

The BROA History

The Biodiversity Risk & Opportunity Assessment (BROA) tool has been developed by the British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership. BROA helps users to:

  • Identify and assess impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES); and
  • Prioritise and create Action and Monitoring Plans that address biodiversity risks and opportunities

Through its experience of working across the globe, the Partnership has come to recognise the value of taking a landscape approach to help build greater resilience in agricultural landscapes and for biodiversity conservation. It has become evident that landscape resilience is vital not only for agriculture but also for the local communities and rural livelihoods which are so often dependent upon these landscapes.

The BROA tool has been designed for use by companies or organisations working in agricultural landscapes who seek to improve their management and understanding of their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Since its initial application across 20 British American Tobacco operating companies worldwide from 2006 - 2010, the BROA tool has been comprehensively updated and reviewed by leading experts to produce a more rigorous assessment tool. The BROA Tool is cited in: Pushpam Kumar (Ed), 2010. The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Ecological and Economic Foundations (TEEB: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) United Nations Environment Programme. Earthscan publications. It has also been recognised by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation. You can find out more about the development of the BROA tool here..

Wishing to share our experience of this approach the Biodiversity Partnership is making the BROA tool freely available to encourage other companies and organisations to use it. We are keen to see BROA used widely across the agriculture sector and to learn from the experience of other users. We believe it is a tried and tested, pragmatic approach and is in many respects unique. We want other businesses and organisations, other farmers and rural stakeholders to benefit from using BROA, and in turn to help benefit biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes around the world.

The BROA tool is free to download (below) together with supporting materials to help users understand its value and how it works. The Biodiversity Partnership retains intellectual property rights to BROA. If you would like to use BROA please read the BROA Download Notice (commercial license), downloadable from this page free of charge. This will enable the Biodiversity Partnership to assess interest in BROA, to offer updates, training, and technical support where required, and to request feedback on the usefulness of the tool. All users of BROA should acknowledge the Biodiversity Partnership as the source.